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Welcome to Music of Middle-Earth!

Here is my attempt at some of the tunes from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.  I have tried to create them as I think Prof. Tolkien had in mind, based on the meter of the poem, with rising and falling that naturally occur (to me) when spoken or derived from the meaning of the words.  Some I have based on traditional tunes, as had been used by Tolkien in Songs for the Philologists, where I think there is a good match.  All others are my own invention.  The styles he apparently intended are traditional British folk music (for hobbit and wood elven music), medieval music (dwarven music) and Gregorian Chant (high elven music).

Other artists have rendered these songs differently, and I realize that, despite my effort, my tunes may say more about myself than about Tolkien's intent. That is, perhaps Tolkien did not provide the tunes because he wanted to give each reader the freedom to personalize and hear them as they would like---just as he wanted a broad "applicability" for the meaning of the stories themselves.  So I can make no claims of accuracy, except for "The Troll Song".

At present these tunes are in MIDI format.  Over time I will add more songs (I have several more on paper) and may try to make them more iPod-worthy with live recorded .mp3.  A pdf of piano sheet music is available below.

Songs from The Hobbit

A 19-page PDF of sheet music for solo piano of the above songs is available for sale and download HERE and HERE.

Songs from The Fellowship of the Ring 

  • The Road Goes Ever On
  • Upon the Hearth the Fire is Red
  • Ho! Ho! Ho!
  • The Bath Song
  • Hey! Come Merry dol! Derry dol! My Darling! - piano version
  • There is an Inn - fiddle, flute & tambourine
  • Gil-galad was an Elven King - harp
  • The Troll Song - piano version to the traditional tune The Fox Went Out, as sung by Tolkien on The Tolkien Audio Collection
  • Earendil was a Mariner
  • A Elbereth Gilthoniel
  • Namarie - piccolos & harp - as sung by Tolkien on The Tolkien Audio Collection, though with some modifications (changes in key, shorter phrases with upward ending) to add interest

Updates and News

6 August 2020 - Lina Willowwood's awesome videos of "Over the Misty Mountains Cold" and "Gil-galad was an Elven King" can be found HERE.

27 November 2013 - Lina Willowwood produced a YouTube video of "Gil-galad was an Elven King", based on one of my tunes.  I am happy to have made a contribution to such artistic projects!

24 December 2012 - Lina Willowwood, in collaboration with Floradine, produced a YouTube video of "Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold" based on one of my tunes.  Well done!

10 October 2011 - Sheet music pdfs of my "Hobbit" tunes are ready for sale and download HERE and HERE.

22-31 July 2011 -  The famous voice actor Rick Reid, acting as sound designer, adapted a few of my tunes in a theatre production of "The Hobbit" put on by the Parker Arts Council in Parker, CO. I heard it was well received! 

6 July 2011 - I added a 2nd version of Chip the Glasses.

2 July 2011 - Minor changes were made to Chip the Glasses, Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold and Sing All Ye Joyful.

                                     Tom Bombadil by the Brothers Hildebrandt